I received a call from the VP of Marketing at the Alzheimer’s Association of Minnesota/North Dakota. I decided to take on the project on pro bono. I had no idea how good the experience was going to be.

The day started like many shoots do; load in, system check and start shooting. We had the set rotating with amazing caregivers and folks living with Alzheimer’s. Right out of the gate the day became an exchange of very human moments. The real inspiration was the incredible honor I felt by being allowed into the people’s lives and the enormous respect I felt towards total strangers moments after meeting them.

Alzheimer’s is devastating, but through it all there is a powerful human sprit that thrives inside the condition. These images help bring a face to the ongoing battle to support quality of life for people living with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers.

Go to the Alzheimer’s Association website to learn more, support a cure and the end of Alzheimer’s.

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